Come Thrive With Me!

Dinnertime needn’t be a nightmare. Thrive Life makes preparing a delicious, nutritious meal a breeze with our Simple Plate meals. Unlike some other meal delivery companies, Thrive Life has done all the chopping and prep work for you. You just cook and serve! And if your dinner plans change, your Thrive Life Simple Plate meal is shelf-stable and will keep in your pantry for up to three months.

Thrive Life delivers high-quality groceries to your door: no GMOs, nothing from China, just delicious and healthy food for your family. Fruits, vegetables, meats, dairy, and grains, all freeze-dried at the absolute peak of freshness. Can you imagine never chopping onions again? Never wasting half a bunch of celery because you only needed a little bit and the rest got limp and icky before you could use it? We Americans throw away about 20% of our food — some statistics say 25% –wasting money and resources. And frankly, with so many hungry¬†people in this world, it’s a shame we waste so much. Thrive Life has the answer.

So if convenience, flavor, nutrition, and cost-effectiveness¬†don’t tempt you, how about long shelf life? Most Thrive Life foods are good for 25 years unopened. Once you open the can, most of the foods are still delicious and convenient for up to two years. So, if you don’t use a lot of red bell pepper, for example, but you need if for a few recipes you make, you can purchase a can of Thrive Life red bell pepper and you’re set for the next two years after you’ve opened it.

Now, I am an experienced home canner. I’ve canned thousands of jars of fruits, meats, and vegetables over the past three decades. There are some foods I will probably always can myself. But for the rest of our daily-use and long-term food storage, we will be relying more on Thrive Life.

If you would like to know more about Thrive Life foods and what a blessing they can be for you and your family, check out my website below. I really believe you’ll be glad you did.

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