What are your favorite Aldi deals?

Although I love to buy local and try to do so whenever possible, I’m also on a budget. We purchase locally-produced foods and preserve them for the year, but there are some staple items that I can save a lot of money on at Aldi without sacrificing one bit of quality.

Here are a few of my favorite Aldi purchases:

1. Mayonnaise 

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I am a diehard mayonnaise snob and I only like Hellmann’s or Duke’s. Or at least I thought I only liked those mayos until I took a chance on Burman’s, the Aldi brand. It is delicious. Tastes just like Hellmann’s at half the price, and like Hellmann’s it has zero carbs. If you are a Miracle Whip fan you might like the Burman’s whipped dressing, but I have no experience with that. Although I grew up on Miracle Whip my family doesn’t like it and I prefer real mayo myself, but based on the quality of their mayo, I’d recommend giving the whipped dressing a try.

2.  Fresh salsa
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The Little Salad Bar brand of fresh salsa is simply wonderful. The hot version has a nice kick to it and the mild is still very flavorful.


3.  Peanut butter

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Aldi’s Peanut Delight brand of peanut butter is just as creamy and fresh-tasting as its big-name counterparts, but it costs a lot less.

4.  Indian cooking sauces

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When nothing but curry will do, our go-to is Aldi. These sauces are every bit as savory and authentic as the name brands but cost less. We like to add spinach and chickpeas to the Tikka Masala variety and serve it over rice for a quick supper. I always try to have a few jars in my pantry. The other flavors are equally delicious.

5. Cookies

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We don’t eat a lot of store-bought sweets, but I picked up a package of these thin mint clones on a whim a while back. I defy anyone to taste the difference between these and the ones sold annually door-to-door. The Aldi brand is every bit as yummy and a 10-oz package is 95¢, compared to $4 for a 9-oz package the kids sell. We found the caramel coconut fudge variety a dead ringer for its better-known counterpart as well. If you feel guilty about not buying from the girls in green, mail them a check for the difference. You’ll still save a ton.

6. Refrigerated ready-to-bake pizza

See the source imageFor less than six bucks you can enjoy a fresh-baked 16″ pizza at home. There are several varieties and they’re all good.

7.  Organic baby food

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These handy little pouches were not available when my children were tiny, but we keep some on hand for our grandbaby. His mommy nurses him and prepares him homemade organic food, but it’s great to be able to throw a pouch in the backpack just in case. The Aldi brand is 79¢ and so far our grandson loves them.

8.  Disposable diapers

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The Aldi Little Journey brand is $5 a pack and they are good.

9.  Tortellini

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This high-quality tortellini is flavorful and pantry-stable. It’s a great addition to soups and the price is lower than the grocery store brands.

10. Avocados

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Aldi routinely reduces the price on their Haas avocados. This week they are 59¢ each. Did you know you can freeze guacamole? Yeah. Life changing.

Do you shop at Aldi? What are some of your favorite Aldi products?





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